#5 dysk kraty szlifierka do Bosch, Zelmer, Philips Kenwood

- Materiał:Stal Nierdzewna - Średnica otworu:4,5 mm - Średnica:53 mm

Pasuje do modeli maszynek do mięsa Bosch, jak pokazano poniżej:

Bosch MFW1501 MFW1507 MFW1511 MFW1545 MFW1550 MUM4406 MUM4450 MUM4485 MUM4486 MUM4585 MUM4630 MUM4655 MUM4656COE MUM4657 MUM4675EU MUM46CR2 MUM4756EU MUM4757COE MUM4780 MUM48140DE MUM4855 MUM4856EU MUM4875EU MUM4880 MUM48CR2 MUM52131 MUM54240 MUM54251 MUM54270DE MUM56340 MUM56740 MUM56S40 MUM56Z40 MUM57860 MUM58252RU MUM59340GB MUZ4FW1 MUZ4FW101 MUZ4FW3 MUZ5FW1 Zelmer 586.5 586.5 A 586.54 586.54 A 587.54 686.5 686.5 A 687.5 687.5 A 687.54 886.5 886.54 887.3 887.4 887.5 887.52 887.53 887.54 887.59 887.6. 987.54 Philips HR2526 HR2708 HR2709 HR2710 HR2711 HR2712 HR2713 HR2714 HR2721 HR2722 HR2723 HR2724 HR2725 HR2726 HR2727 HR2728 HR2729 HR7752 HR7754 HR7755 HR7758 HR7764 HR7765 HR7766 HR7768 MG35 MG350 MG352 MG354 MG36 MG360 MG362 MG364 KHH300WH KHH301WH KHH302WH KHH303SI KHH311WH KHH321SI KHH321WH KHH322WH KHH323WH KHH324RD KHH326BK KHH326SI KHH326WH KHH326WR

  • Materiał: stal nierdzewna
  • Numer Modelu: MJP053045
  • Pochodzenie: CN(pochodzenie)
  • Typ: Części do maszynki do mięsa

  • Author: Ccylstose 56
  • Date: 2020-12-30
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  • 5/5

  • Author: Vovbor25
  • Date: 2020-12-11
  • Excellent quality. Is according to the sizes
  • 5/5